From the Desk of the Mayor January 20th

February 6, 2017

Dear Citizens of Belleview,

I would like to take a moment to commend our police chief, Chief Terry Holland, as well as Lieutenant Larry Bryan, for their impeccable handling of a tense situation. Several weeks ago, they were faced with a mentally unstable person who was wielding a loaded gun. They calmly and rationally neutralized the situation, according to protocol, and safely disarmed the suspect without harm to anyone. They were able to keep cool heads and handle the event as they have been trained to do. This could have ended very badly, as can be seen by similar occurrences across the nation, and I am very proud of the way that they conducted themselves! We are lucky to have such a professional and well-trained police department in our little city!

I am excited to report that the city of Belleview will soon be home to Marion County’s first WaWa gas station/convenience store. For those who have never visited a WaWa, it is much more than just a gas station. They also serve fresh, handmade, sandwiches and subs, as well as other food items. The new store will located on the corner of Hwy 484 and US 441, where the vacant antique shop now stands. The construction of this new building will basically result in the renovation of the entire block, to include a new shopping center where the old Mojo’s building is located. It is very refreshing to see so many of our old buildings being renovated or reconstructed! Belleview has a very bright future!

In other news, the city commission is currently working on a master plan for our community redevelopment area. Although this area encompasses a large part of the city, the current plans will focus on the Lake Lillian area. We hope to see many exciting improvements to this historic area in the upcoming years, including a new community center, more parking, and improved park facilities. The city would also like to encourage economic development in this corridor, as well. With the upcoming renovations at city hall, the Chamber of Commerce will be holding more of their events around the lake. Hopefully, with some of the proposed ideas in place, Lake Lillian can become the hub for family fun and entertainment in our city!

Please join us for our next regular city commission meeting, to be held on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 6:00 pm in city hall.


Mayor Christine K. Dobkowski